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St. Louis County Next Gen 911 Services

Created: Sunday, 25 March 2018 Last Updated: Sunday, 25 March 2018 Written by Justin Kolker


Question: What is NG9-1-1?
NG9-1-1 is an abbreviation for Next Generation 9-1-1, which is the industry identified term for
9-1-1 services incorporating national standards developed by the National Emergency Number
Association (NENA i3 standards). NG9-1-1 services move beyond the current Enhanced 9-1-1
(E9-1-1) service which only provides an address (or latitude and longitude for wireless phones)
and call back phone number. NG9-1-1 service is capable of handling additional data such as
video, text messaging, and enhanced locational routing of calls. Additionally, the sharing of 9-1-
1 components such as networks, servers, address databases, call handling and voice recording
equipment, along with the ability to transfer and handle voice calls more efficiently over a
redundant network, are all improvements over the existing system. NG9-1-1 migration is
supported by the FCC, DOT, and other agencies as it will provide superior service for both end
users and the Public Safety community.

Question: Why is a new 9-1-1 agreement needed?
The existing agreement between St Louis County and governmental entities participating in the
Emergency 9-1-1 System requires amendment to include the many features now available
within the NG9-1-1 System and to include mandatory components currently provided but not
within the original agreements. Some current agreements have not been updated since 1979.


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